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The photo wallpaper is made of latex (synthetic) paper weighing 212 grams per square meter. The wallpaper is resistant to soft clean (e.g. with a sponge). The wallpaper does not get soaked when pasted, is easy to hang and does not fray while cutting with a knife on the wall. The pack contains required amount of paste recommended for paper wallpapers.
Price: 60 PLN per 1 square meter of paper wallpaper.

Price of the paper wallpaper (270cm x 490cm) – 790.00 PLN

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How to use it:
Mix the paste with water following directions on the packet. Paste the wall heavily (for vinyl wallpaper), and paste the ‘back’ of the paper (for paper wallpaper). Hang the wallpaper on to the wall and press it with a wallpaper or paint roller. Wipe the excess of glue with a clean, damp cloth. Cut the excess of wallpaper with a wallpaper knife.

Photo wallpaper/wallcovering is custom made to order within 2 weeks.
Once you have purchased the wallpaper, please send us an e-mail stating: the name of the wallpaper (e.g. Meadow), type of wallpaper (vinyl or paper) and its dimensions. Standard dimensions of the wallpaper are: 270cm height and 490cm width. You can change the dimensions of the photo wallpaper +/-10%. The change in dimensions affects the price (+/-10%)

Please ensure you give us correct recipient address in your e-mail.

In the first e-mail you will receive a confirmation of your order with a quote based on the required dimensions of the wallpaper. Your order will be processed once we receive your payment to our bank account.
Custom made wallpaper cannot be returned.
The total weight of the set is approximately 6kg. The wallpapers are delivered exclusively by a courier.

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