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Wall stickers space
Wal stickers Outer Space

Wal stickers Outer Space

"Outer space" set contains 37 large wall stickers. With this set every young man dreaming of faraway travels will be able to create a planetarium in their own bedroom. A rocket took off from the Earth towards the Moon, and then visited the Red Planet Mars, on which a space probe collected samples for research. Two astronauts are floating in space, and Martians, on their flying saucers, are exploring other Solar System planets: Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

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"Outer space" set contains 37 wall stickers.

This set consists of 2 sheets, with the total surface area of 1.4 square meters.

"Outer space" set contains 37 wall stickers.

Sun, 16 cm x 15 cm

Venus, 45 cm x 42 cm

Earth, 35 cm x 31 cm

Moon, 18 cm x 16 cm

Mars, 46 cm x 40 cm

Jupiter, 14 cm x 13 cm

Saturn, 50 cm x 17 cm

A rocket, 27 cm x 31 cm

Flying saucers, 45 cm x 20 cm i 42 cm x 25 cm

Astronauts, 49 cm x 37 cm

A Martian, , 18 cm x 31 cm

Space probe, 36 cm x 25 cm

Stars max. 7 cm x 7 cm
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It's easy Stickers are designed to be stuck onto smooth surfaces painted with emulsion paint.
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