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Wall stickers island
Wal stickers Island

Wal stickers Island

The set "Island" contains 25 large stickers. Castaways from Antarctica, a seal and a captain penguin, are setting out in search of a new land. Unfortunately, on their way they come across a whale and a parrot sailing under a pirate flag. Lying under a sun umbrella, turtle and his friend crab are watching the encounter from the shore. At the same time, on the other island you can see a hippo practising Hawaiian dances. How the story will unfold depends on a young girl or boy who will decide to live on the island.

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The set "Island" contains 25 stickers.

This set consists of 2 sheets, with the total surface area of 1.4 square meters.

The set "Island" contains 25 stickers.

An island with a turtle and a crab, 67 cm x 47 cm

An island with palm trees 54 cm x 48 cm,

A hippo, 31 cm x 35 cm

Fish, 9 cm x 16 cm, 10 cm x 11 cm, 6 cm x 9 cm

Air bubbles, max. 3 cm x 3 cm

A seal and a penguin on a raft, 67 cm x 50 cm

A boat with a whale, 56 cm x 49 cm

Parrot, 16 cm x 20 cm

Pirate flag, 16 cm x 18 cm

Sun 18 cm x 14 cm

Fly My Butterfly stickers presentation as a brilliant business idea, broadcast by TVN Channel.
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It's easy Stickers are designed to be stuck onto smooth surfaces painted with emulsion paint.
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