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Wall stickers africa
Wall stickers Africa

Wal stickers Africa

In a few minutes you can turn your child's bedroom into a fabulous world of Africa, where the brave traveller marvels at African wildlife and meets a lot of friendly animals. One set contains 20 big stickers.

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AFRICA set contains 20 big stickers.

Giant African animals in the wildlife

ELEPHANT (42x44cm),

LION (43x53cm),

HIPPO (31x61cm),

GIRAFFE (74x48cm),

2 FLAMINGOS (47x37cm),

5 BUTTERFLIES (12x16cm),

PALM (120x65cm),

CACTUS (45x23cm),

4 PALM LEAVES (20x8cm)

LIZARD (12x20cm)

Off road car with a traveller and a happy monkey on board:

JEEP with the crew (50x68cm)

Fly My Butterfly stickers presentation as a brilliant business idea, broadcast by TVN Channel.
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It's easy Stickers are designed to be stuck onto smooth surfaces painted with emulsion paint.
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